Easy Ways to Skip Captcha Verification

Easy Ways to Skip Captcha Verification, For those of us who every day wrestle and play with cyberspace must be familiar with the name of Captcha, especially Captcha / Google captca, and often times we feel quite disturbed by the presence of this. For those of you who might sometimes find it difficult to pass, we try to give a few instructions / solutions Easy Ways to Pass the Google Captcha Verification on Olx, Kaskus, and other websites that use captca / recaptcha.

as we know with Captcha is a process where “machines test humans”, whether it is human or bot / robot Certain programs that are used by certain parties for the benefit and benefit of others.
To pass Google Captcha verification you really need to have a fairly stable internet connection, because Captcha in the form of images is indeed long enough to load in your browser / broswer.

Please click on the column “I am not a robot

Then you follow the instructions written at the top of the image. If it is enough, and you check / click all the images, click the “verify” button then the system will verify your answer. for example as follows.

If your answer is correct it will look like the following picture

And congratulations you are able to pass Google Captcha Verification quickly, and can continue your exploration.