How to Optimize Flashdisk Data Transfer Speed

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How to Speed ​​Up Flashdisk Data Transfer – On this occasion I would like to share information about how to speed up and optimize flash performance. Actually there are many ways to speed up flash performance, but this time I will discuss how to speed up flash performance using features provided by windows. This is a way to speed up and optimize flash performance in an easy and fast way. please listen.

Method 1: Speed ​​up the flash drive by changing the flash file system to NTFS, how to:

1. Install the flash drive into the computer
2. Right-click on the format select flashdisk
3. Change the file system to NTFS
4. Click start

How to 2 Speed ​​up the flash using the Ready to Boost feature in Windows, do this:

1. Install the flash drive into the computer
2. Right-click on the select flashdisk property
3. Select the Ready Boost tab
4. Select Use this device / Use this device
5. In the Space to reserve section select the desired size
6. (the greater the faster the flash data transfer)
7. Click Ok

I think until this discussion this time, if there is an incomplete writing or tutorial I apologize. Maybe this is a little article about How to Speed ​​up and Optimize Flashdisk Performance, please try and hopefully be useful friends.