Spider-Man Finally Returns to MCU!

If you are a fan of Marvel films, there is good news for you. After briefly divorced, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios (plus Disney), finally returned. The two film companies agreed to re-work on the Spider-Man movie together.

Today, Marvel and Sony announced simultaneously that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, will produce the third Spider-Man solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) era. Tom Holland is still lined up to play Peter Parker.

Rumors of the two companies going back to work have actually been spreading since some time ago. The two companies are reportedly in negotiations to discuss the possibility of making a new agreement.

Variety reports that Sony and Disney, which are Marvel’s parent businesses, have managed to agree on a financing agreement for the MCU era Spider-Man films. The new Sony and Disney deal was signed on Thursday night (9/26) US time.

“I am pleased that Spidey’s journey at the MCU will continue, and I am with everyone at Marvel Studios very happy to be able to continue working together,” Feige said in his official statement.

Later, Marvel and Disney will receive around 25% of profits and retain the rights to merchandise.

In return, Kevin Feige will produce the Spider-Man solo film. This spider man will also appear in one Marvel movie.

Robert Lawson, Chief Communications Officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment, said, the collaboration of Marvel and Sony in the last four years was a great collaboration. “We are very happy to move forward together,” he said.

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